Let Our Organic Shopping Guide Help You Become More Informed About Buying Organic Products

organic spa with towels This section offers a guide to organic shopping. Buying and using organic products is one of the simplest ways to make the transition to a natural lifestyle while at the same time supporting sustainable economics and agriculture.

Most of us are aware of the effects that global warming and climate change are having upon our natural environment. Yet many of the products that we use everyday such as personal care products, bedding, and household cleaners are actually filled with ingredients and substances that are harmful and even toxic to both humans and the planet.

However, we can use our power as consumers to choose eco friendly alternatives and make healthier choices for ourselves and our families. By doing this we can detoxify our lives while at the same time reducing the impact that we have upon the planet. We can also help to create a more sustainable economy and make the transition to a cleaner and greener world.

Organic products are becoming increasingly popular as public awareness grows about the toxic and unnatural ingredients found in most conventional products on the market today.

Everything from food and beverages, to supplements, body care and personal care products, household products and cleaners, pet food, flowers, and fiber products such as linens and clothing made from organic cotton, wool, and hemp are available as organic alternatives.

At the same time, there is a lot of consumer misunderstanding about what is and is not organic. In these pages, we will help to clarify this so you will not be misled by false advertising, labeling practices and company greenwashing. Our guide to organic shopping will help you to figure out what you should look for when choosing organic products and what you should avoid.

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