Resources For Creating a Sustainable and Green Michigan

Green Michigan

There is a burgeoning movement underway to create a green Michigan, as living green becomes a more popular trend throughout the country and across the globe. People in Michigan are following suit, finding ways to go green and to make the commitment to a sustainable future, both on a personal level and on a larger socioeconomic scale.

Many areas of Michigan have a thriving community recycling pogram, such as SOCCRA in the southeast Metro Detroit area. Urban Gardens are cropping up throughout the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. Green building and environmentally friendly architecture have also taken root here. In addition, Michigan is participating in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a program funded by Dell, Microsoft, HP and a number of environmental organizations to promote the use of environmentally friendly computers.

Many things are happening in the Great Lakes state to bring an increased awareness of green and ecofriendly alternatives to the public, and ways that we can all take action and make a contribution. The future of Michigan is a green Michigan. Yet finding out about green initiatives and projects happening throughout the state is not always easy, so we have gathered together some of the groups, events, projects, and organizations that are working hard to bring about a sustainable way of life to the Great Lakes.


1. The Greening of the Great Lakes. One of the best sites with lots of information on the “greening of Michigan”:

2. Michigan Green News. A great resource for the all the latest green Michigan news and information. A nonprofit group working for a renewable energy efficient nation:

3. Black Bear Speaks. A really great blog about environmental issues in the state of Michigan:

4. The Woodward Green Cruise: Green Michigan on wheels! Click here for more information.

5. Michigan Green Expo

6. Green Street Fair in Plymouth:

7. Ecoseeds "...a non-profit research, design and educational institution whose mission is to seek the development of socially and ecologically sustainable environments.":

8. Green Built Michigan – Resources for green home building:

9. The Michigan Energy Fair is an annual expo devoted to promoting public awareness of alternative energy solutions and sustainability. Sponsored by The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.

10. Superior Water Festival

“A weekend of world-class Michigan musicians, speeches from Water workshops, art, Native American dances, children’s activities, and connections to campaigns and projects to protect our water locally and address global challenges."

11. Great Lakes Bioneers Conference “Sustainable Solutions for Social Justice and Environmental Rest”:

12. Sustainable Detroit - An organization devoted to promoting a sustainable Detroit region through inspiration and networking.

13. The Boggs Center, an organization committed to "developing Ideas, Programs, Youth Leadership to rebuild, redefine and respirit Detroit in harmony with one another and the Earth. Detroit Summer, Freedom Schooling, Revitalizing Chinatown, Murals, Back Alley Bikes, Poetry Workshops."

14. The Night Move, a Detroit-based Eco Transportation service:

15. The Greening of Detroit. A project exploring ways to bring sustainability to the Detroit area.

16. Detroit Agriculture Network. A coalition of local groups who are supporting the creation of urban and community gardens in Detroit. They also host an annual garden tour every August. Visit their website at

17. Earth Day Expo in April Michigan’s Largest Earth Day Celebration: Visit for more information.

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